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Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association

Do you think Australia's environment needs stronger protection?

04 Apr 2020 4:42 PM | Anonymous

The Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act is being reviewed.

Please consider making a submission to the EPBC Act review. This will help ensure Australia's environmental protections are as strong as they should be.

The EPBC Act (1999) is Australia’s strongest environmental law. When developers want to roll out houses or industrial estates over native grasslands, woodlands or forests or when mining companies want to start new coal and gas mines on pristine coastlines, and where the places at risk qualify as very environmentally special, this law can stop them.

In the past decade, Commonwealth Governments have significantly reduced the power of this law, starting in 2006 when the Coalition Government moved very damaging amendments to the Act. Legal, institutional and administrative arrangements have gradually deteriorated. Ministerial discretion and a lack of political will have further weakened protection.

How to make a submission

The official webpage of the review, with the terms of reference, discussion paper, and instructions for how to make a submission (by April 17), is here. It will take time and mental effort for you to make a submission, but it matters. When you say what you think, you add one more voice to community and expert opinion speaking to the independent review team. 

The Places You Love alliance has 4 pages on why environmental laws are important, a 12 page submission guide, and a 98 page report on how to strengthen Australia's environmental laws here.

The future of our environmental legislation is up to you

IFFA will be making a submission on behalf of the association but we also urge every member to submit one. It can be as short or long as you like, every extra submission shows the independent panel that Australians care about having a strong law to protect our environment.

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