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Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association

The Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association (IFFA) is dedicated to the future of the Australian flora and fauna, whether in habitats of world heritage quality or in the urban back yard

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Welcome to IFFA's website. Like many other organisations IFFA has responded to COVID-19 by investing in our digital infrastructure. Many of you will have seen parts of this site before, but we've now decided to complete the transition and make this out official site. Please feel free to explore if you haven't been here before!

With our new site everyone can:

  • Read about IFFA, our purpose and our work
  • Read recent news from IFFA
  • See IFFA's upcoming events
  • Join, donate and make payments online

Members can now:

  • Sign in to access and update their individual profiles (including choosing to receive a paper or digital copy of Indiginotes)
  • Renew their memberships online
  • Register for IFFA events
  • Access current and previous issues of Indiginotes
  • Access resources for members (still to come)

If you have never logged in to the IFFA website before, but receive emails from us, then you already have an account. You just need to reset the password so that you can login. To do this click the login button, then click 'forgot password'. Enter the email address where you receive emails from IFFA and then click 'reset password'. This process will also work if you've just forgotten your login details.

For those who prefer the old fashioned way, we will continue to accept paper renewal forms and payments by cheque, cash or direct deposit. You don't need to do anything differently!

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