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The IFFA is dedicated to the future of Australian flora and fauna, whether in habitats of world heritage quality or in the urban back yard. Read More

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The secret life of plants

IFFA excursion to the Melbourne Zoo
15 February 2009

Well, this was my first IFFA excursion, and what a nice time I had. Hey, how often do you get to go behind the scenes at the zoo?

Friends of Stony Creek

Stony Creek arises in Braybrook (Melway 41 A3) and flows through parkland, industrial and residential areas of Tottenham and West Footscray then into Cruickshank Park, Yarraville and on to the Backwash at the West Gate Bridge. Near its source is Matthews Hill, which Brimbank Council manages as remnant grassland.

Bonus Christmas Indigenotes

Cover thumbnail of Indigenotes 19-5We squeezed in another edition of Indigenotes this year.  It's got early news of IFFA's strategic planning for the future, fore warning of an IFFA excursion to the Melbourne Zoo to look at their use of native vegetation, a review of the Census of Victorian Plants and some of the new names in it, lots of great pictures, and another extract from a book by Richard Howitt from the 1840's, in which he and his brother clear their land in Alphington, but regretfully.

"The horrid gaps and blank openings in the grand old Woods seemed, I felt at times, to reproach us."

You can download a copy of Indigenotes as a pdf file (1 Mb) HERE.

September 2008 Indigenotes

cover of Indigenotes 19-4This delicious issue focusses on birds and grasslands.  There's superb photos and an article by Chris Tzaros and John Peter about Pardalotes, an update on some important changes in the national and international status of Basalt Plains Grassland, a note on what IFFA members saw on the field trip to Mt Rothwell, a couple of book reviews, a page on the Bush Stone Curlew with photos from Nora Peters, the results of the IFFA survey, and the kids page has another linked colouring in and puzzle.

You can download the newsletter here as a pdf 

Winter perfume, the Tree Violet

Flowering tree violet

Indigenotes July out now

Rufous Bettong are extinct in Victoria. Where can you see them roaming near Melbourne? Find out in this issue of Indigenotes which you can view here. Come to IFFA's excursion on August 16th to see them yourself!
Also in this issue:

  • Nature Deficit Disorder - President's Letter from Brian Bainbridge

An Indigenous Nursery Code of Practice DRAFT

The purpose of this code of practice is to provide a standard so that indigenous nurseries better service and reliability to customers (whether they pay or not).  

This is an almost blank book waiting to be written. If you've got something to say, add it here.

Southern Peninsula IFFA


Southern Peninsula Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association (SPIFFA) is incorporated in its own right and affiliated with IFFA.

SPIFFA meets at 7:30pm on the first Monday of each month at the Parks Vic. offices, Hinton St. ROSEBUD. There is a guest speaker each month plus an I.D. table. Membership is open to everyone. Annual Subscription is $15   Contact the Secretary PO Box 480 ROSEBUD 3939, or Gidga Walker 0418 416 182.

About Us?

IFFA is the Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association and is dedicated to the future of the Australian flora and fauna, whether in habitats of world heritage quality or in the urban back yard. IFFA's aims and objectives are: To promote the appreciation, study, conservation and management of indigenous flora and fauna through:

  • research and discussion
  • networking and advocacy
  • and information exchange

Local plants, local animals, local people and local communities



IFFA membership costs $40 for non-profit organizations, $50 for corporations, $25 for individuals or $20 concession, and $35 for families.

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