IFFA speed planning

Published 09/03/16

At the IFFA Annual General Meeting in November 2015 we discussed ideas for IFFA’ s future in an informal ‘speed planning’ session. Plenty of good suggestions were made for follow-up by the Committee

How can IFFA best make an impact (advocate) on conservation issues? 


  • Build membership 
  • Social media (Spend $ on enhanced features) 
  • Indigenotes 
  • Forums 
  • Meet with government (all levels) 
  • Website – provide opportunity for people to contribute views on government, developers, etc. 
  • Advocacy sub-committee 
  • Events 


  • Choose where we are best at (and respected) 
  • More liaison with academia 
  • More liaison with practitioners 
  • More liaison with other groups (e.g. Victoria Naturally, Invasive Species Council, Councils) 
  • Topics 
    • Quality environmental management 
    • Valuing ecosystem services 
    • Value of indigenous plantings in a climate changing world 

How can we attract and deepen the participation of younger people? 

  • Junior Field Naturalists 
    • 1 event/year 
    • Joint purpose 
  • Nature education/Bush Kinder/Junior Rangers 
    • “Going wild in nature” 
  • University engagement/TAFE 
    • Ecology 
    • University of Melbourne (Wild Melbourne @ Trinity College) 
    • Connecting /employment education/industry skills 
    • Employment advice sessions 
  • Landcare for singles 
    • Planting 
    • Potential to link with Merri Ck Management Committee/ Friends of Merri Ck, etc. 
  • Active participation 
  • University/Junior sub-committee – Advocacy 
  • Promote through environmental education networks 
  • Eco/nature blitzes with specialists 
  • Nature journals 
    • Trips & community engagement with professionals 
  • Commercial services to schools 

What is IFFA’s purpose and how do members want to participate? 

  • Professional versus volunteer 
  • Networker 
  • Having a role in the professional organisation/networking of restoration/ revegetation, in particular on-ground 
    • Connecting with SERA for the above 
  • Include cooperation with allied organisations on actions 
  • Advocacy group/sub-committee 
    • Invite members to join 
  • Subgroups aligned with each defined purpose [of IFFA] 
  • Tying activities to the purposes [of IFFA] 
    • Ask for activities ideas that align with the purposes [of IFFA] 
  • Think current purposes are still highly relevant 
  • Working with government in issues 
    • Make use of our membership from local government 
  • The issue of lack of resourcing of the national parks 
  • Getting the issue of management back on the political agenda