IFFA Outing : Little Penguins Up Close and Personal

Published 01/12/11

Meet 7:30 PM at the beginning of St Kilda Pier Earthcare St Kilda has been monitoring the native Little Penguins of St Kilda since 1986.

During ‘penguin season’ they catch, measure, weigh and tag the birds and record their location. This is an excellent chance for us to see them up close, as we may tag along with the researchers during their monitoring activities.

There are only 6 spots available per night, so we will be going out on two separate trips. The monitoring will take about 2 hours. Make sure to bring sturdy shoes and a torch, as we will be clambering over the rocks in the dark. Because of the sensitivity of little penguins to light, cameras with flashes are not permitted.

Since places are strictly limited, bookings are essential and this will be a members-only event. To make a booking, call Fam Charko on 04 025 191 24 or email bookings@iffa.org.au. Please leave the names of members attending, contact number, email and the date you would like to go (1 or 15 April). The dates are subject to change, depending on the weather and circumstances.