Editor’s column

Published 07/05/17

The theme of this issue of Indigenotes is the use of technology in the conservation and management of biota in Australia. Graeme Lorimer and Nic McCaffrey provide an evaluation of DELWP’s online interactive mapping technology for identifying areas of biological significance in Victoria. The focus of their article is the replacement of the Biosite mapping technology, with the streamlined, but less accurate Natureprint program. Graeme provides another article discussing the concepts behind the Natureprint technology and the limitations of its use. 

Warren Tomlinson provides an article on the emergence of various online databases and smartphone apps used by professionals and amateur ecologists for data collection and monitoring biodiversity.

Joab Wilson provides an article reflecting on the fun and memorable experience we had on the Summer Alpine Adventure up in the Bogong High Plains earlier in the year. 

Coming in the next issue, we interview Simon Watson about his research on birds and technology in the mallee. Simon discusses the influence of fire and vegetation on mallee bird communities and the use of lidar (remote sensing lazer) technology for monitoring the endangered Malleefowl. 

- Dr Joab Wilson