Calling all bushland managers

Our nature reserves cannot be locked up and left in a time of weeds, pests, climate change, drought and floods. We need active management to protect our flora and fauna.Published 03/03/16

Bushland managers make decisions every day that influence our remnant ecosystems, be it the timing of ecological burns, weed control
methods, revegetation or protecting threatened species.

That’s why IFFA would like to support the formation of a new Bushland Management Network. This network could represent and unite bushland managers by:

  • supporting the formation of a collaborative bushland management network, with a list of bushland managers from public and private sectors
  • creating an online forum where bushland managers can ask questions, give advice and share their successes and failures
  • creating an online resource library, where bushland managers can provide presentations, case studies, fact sheets, guidelines and strategies, as well as
  • videos and photos related to management practices
  • hosting an events page for relevant workshops and training courses on bushland management
  • running conferences and forums on specific land management issues.

No matter where you work or volunteer, our industry needs to come together and share best practice to get the most from our decreasing time, limited money and increasing pressures.

However, we need more (at least three?) dedicated volunteers to commit to making the network a success. If you are interested in being involved, contact

John Loschiavo