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Austrodanthonia racemosa

Common Names: 
Slender Wallaby-grass

A wallaby grass with fine, soft foliage and very fine seed stems with narrow seedheads. Even the individual seeds are relatively slender compared with most Austrodanthonia species. The species can be quite variable.


The seeds of this species are eaten by finches including the Red-browed Finch and by Red-rumped Parrots.Small_Austrodanthonia_racemosa_seeding.JPG


This is one of the great survivors among the native plants in our suburbs, capable of recolonising disturbed zones quickly and apparently competing against exotic weeds through its superior drought-tolerating abilities. These contribute to its value as a revegetation species, able to thrive in dry and moist conditions and shade or full sun. It makes a good component of an understorey planting among established woodland plantings.

Gardening Hints: 

Elegant seedheads on fine stems are an attractive feature, especially where they are backlit by raking afternoon or morning sun.
A rampant self-seeder so be prepared to thin out if you want to retain less competitive species in mixed grassland plantings. May make a very hardy, fine lawn. This species is shade and drought tolerant.


Germinates best with spring/summer temperatures, but will germinate all year round if given some protection such as a glass house. Seed is very fertile.